About Me

Hi. I'm Charlene.

I help entrepreneurs organize and manage the day to day through collaboration and teamwork. 

In this online world, it's easy to feel alone.

And it's risky to bring in someone to help you manage it all. You don't need a partner, what you need is a well managed team.

I get it. And that's why I come in as a certified number two, someone who is there to support you and help you manage your team to make sure that your business grows and flourishes.

You keep the control you crave while also having someone who treats your business as if it were her own. Now you can do what you do best and trust that your business is being properly managed in the day-to-day.

I've been there

I know what it’s like to try to juggle it all and try to fit all the roles in a business. I've been there and know how uncomfortable it is. I started my business in-part to empower women to own their genius and outsource the rest.

I help build the foundation of the business focusing on 4 main business pillars. Planning, Operations, Projects, and Team.

I know what I'm doing

I have experience managing online businesses, and I’m a Certified Online Business Manager®.

A lifelong learner, I'm always pushing myself to grow my own expertise to get the best results for my clients.

I have 15 years experience of restaurant and administrative management, health care, and customer service. Plus, I'm educated in Business Administration and Management.

This means I know people, how to handle those tough situations, and how to knock the socks off your customers so they keep coming back and refer you to others.

I'm a mom first, and businesswoman second

I love working with other moms because together, we can create something amazing!

I love my children and I love my business. I get what it's like to work to support a family and the chaos that sometimes comes with that.

That's why you NEED an organized, systemized business. You can't control when your child is going to get sick in the middle of the night, but you can set up systems that will take care of your clients automatically the next day.

I can take you from a state of chaos to organized and streamlined.

Let's get your business organized today

Together we can get organize your online business and help you grow to new levels.

You can gain back precious time to become the CEO you're meant to be and have more time for family.

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