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Helping you achieve organized collaboration and an amazing client experience.

Better Client Experience
Efficient Systems to Grow
Supportive Team Management
Allows You To Own Your Genius

Solve these problems that arise when you're running a business on your own:

Unhappy clients

When you're trying to make everyone happy on your own, it's easy for clients to slip through the cracks.

Disorganized Team

Your team is great at what they do, but they need a leader to get them all rowing together in the same direction.

No Support

Being a business owner can feel lonely at times. You need a trusted support person to bounce ideas off of.

Give Me A Call!

Give me a call for a complementary assessment of your business and to see if we're a good fit.

I believe every business should have an organized team

I know what it's like to work alone without a team. I know what it's like to try to do "all the things". It doesn't have to be that way. I'm here to help. Together we build an organized team that thrives on collaboration and grow your business.

Here's What That Looks Like

1. Book a Discovery Call


Get on a call to see if we're a fit. You fill out a short survey so I can come to the call prepared and we get to know each other. Simple.

2. Get Strategy


We work on a strategy for your business. We go over your current business and where you'd like to go. We create a detailed plan together.

3. Grow your business


We work together to implement your action plan over the next ninety days. We organize your business, create systems, and work as a team.

Peggy Ray James

VA Marketing Coach


I can not say enough about Charlene! I came to her needing tech and integration support and she jumped into the chaos and made the project 1000% more manageable. 

She is professional, personable and AMAZING at what she does. If you are considering Chromace Consulting, don't hesitate. Best experience ever!

Jennifer Anastasi

Brand and marketing strategist


Charlene took on my business as if it were her own. She caught mistakes I missed, and had amazing ideas I hadn't thought of. She made a HUGE difference in my business.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs help with their business. Her attention to detail and clear passion for helping businesses succeed set her above the rest!

Online Business Management

Do you....

Critical Areas

...need someone to take care of the critical areas of your business, like your client experience and team management?

Trusted #2

...need someone who will not only provide those services, but treat your business as if it's their own in every way?


...want someone who understands it's all about mutual respect and is a true partner who won't leave you lonely?


...want a leader to delegate the right tasks, find balance for the team, and leads everyone to pull in the same direction?

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